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Advanced Driving 4X4 Off Road Online Training

Course by: Glen Edmunds

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Advanced Driving 4x4 Off-Road Online Training provides internationally-accredited advanced driving courses such as defensive driving, 4WD, and security driver training (counter carjacking, hostile environment, armoured vehicle training), to those working in high-risk areas in the Africa region and globally.

Glen Edmunds, the course creator, has 40 years of racing experience. He is also a qualified automotive engineer. These unique talents combined with his international training credentials at the premier driver/security training schools in both the United States of America and Jordan mean that you benefit from every aspect of Glen's vast wealth of experience.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to the Course and 4WD

Module 2: Basics of 4WD Vehicles

Module 3: Basics of 4WD Driving

Module 4: Taking Your 4WD Vehicle Off-Road

Module 5: Traversing Obstacles

Module 6: Basic Recovery Techniques

Course Details
2 hours
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